Why Sell Through Interyacht?

No, we will not to bombard you with platitudes and things you know already, but here are a few reminders regarding things that are important and often overlooked:
We care about the "sins of omission." Why should you care? When a broker writes a contract it is all too easy to dash off a simple agreement that everyone signs with little hesitation. However, simple contracts may fail to anticipate the many ways in which a transaction can get into trouble. We try hard to be uncommonly careful at anticipating, and averting, trouble by writing uncommonly thorough contracts.
If there is any adequate substitute for lots of experience, it is lots of imagination. Fortunately we have lots of both. Al Gundry and Alan Hamerstrom have over eighty combined years of yacht brokerage experience. And, to tout our imagination further than done already would indeed seem immodest.
We have always valued trust, and over time lots of other buyers and brokers have learned that they really can trust us. That reputation for trustworthiness converts to more sales, more quickly, more smoothly. And, of course, it leads to lots of repeat and referral business.
We have an acute awareness that to prosper in this over-populated yacht brokerage industry we must have special advantages – and we do! Among other skills, we pride ourselves on being better photographers and in writing better yacht descriptions than our competition. Yacht brokerage is not all science; the art is equally important.