Alan HamerstromMember of the Yacht Brokers Association of AmericaAlan Hamerstrom
In 1965 Alan drove his ten year old Volkswagen from The University of Wisconsin to Annapolis to pursue a dream, that of becoming a yacht broker. No brokerage would hire him at first, so he scraped barnacles and painted boat bottoms for eight months. Finally the founder of Interyacht offered him a brokerage job; and by 1974 he was sole owner of the company.
If a college degree in psychology taught him anything of value for his business career, it is that a) once a person buys a boat, he thinks it is worth a lot more than he thought it was before he bought it, and b) people have a most fascinating variety of attitudes. "Cultural relativity" certainly is to be respected if you want to be successful in this career.
Maybe it was his Viking ancestry, maybe it was a summer-long canoe trip down the Mississippi River at age twenty-three, and maybe it was the wonderful variety of books read about world cruising, but somehow Alan had a passion for boats that has led to a lifelong career in that field.
As a firm believer in promoting the highest professional standards in his industry, Alan has passed the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) exam and has served three years as President of the Yacht Brokers Association of America. He also serves on the Association's Professional Standards and Ethics Committee, and was Chairman of the Forms Committee for two terms.

Alfred T GundryMember of the Yacht Brokers Association of AmericaAlfred T. Gundry III
Yacht Broker
Al Gundry, one of those rare people who knew early on that he wanted to be a yacht broker, became a yacht broker in 1969 right out of college (where he majored in English History), and has remained a full time yacht broker ever since. We are proud to say he has been one of the top performers with Interyacht since 1973 and is a broker held in high regard by his peers throughout the industry.
Al has been involved with boating most of his life. He is a member the Annapolis Yacht Club, Gibson Island Yacht Club, Windjammers of the Chesapeake, and the Indian Landing Boat Club, the latter since he was seven.
Al's racing started early in the Indian Landing Junior Fleet where he raced a penguin and later at Gibson Island where he raced in the Star class. He has raced in several SORC races, and many Annapolis to Newport Races. He participated in seven Bermuda races, twice as captain, twice as co-captain. Al also has cruised from Nova Scotia to Key West and put in several stints as the Race Committee Chairman for the Chesapeake Appreciation days.