Why Buy From Interyacht?

No, we will not to bombard you with platitudes and things you know already, but here are a few reminders regarding things that are important and often overlooked:
There is always some degree of risk when posting the deposit necessary to buy a yacht. You can keep the risk at an essentially infinitesimal level by choosing an old-line company like Interyacht - under the same ownership since 1972 and with a spotless history as a reliable custodian of other people’s money.
We think a relationship of mutually justified loyalty is the best possible basis for doing business - and we strive to achieve it. When that relationship exists, the buyer has a trusted expert looking out for his or her interests. The amount of money that you might save by having such a relationship is almost incomprehensible.
Though yacht brokerage is less personal than it once was, the personal trust and candor between brokers is still very important when it comes to serving our clientele. At Interyacht we have over eighty man-years (just in the present team!) invested in building trusting relationships with other brokers. It helps make your purchase smoother and safer.
We take good contract writing so seriously that our president has twice been named chairman of the Forms Committee for the Yacht Brokers Association of America. Those skills are especially important when the circumstances are unusual - when identifying and averting problems through good contract writing is critical.